Berlinger Fridge-tag 2

The Fridge-tag 2 provides you with electronic temperature monitoring during storage with a USB port for ease of data transfer.

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The advantages of using the Fridge-tag® 2


  • USB interface and PDF report generation for easy data read-out without installing of software
  • It is easy to send the PDF report by e-mail
  • No need for a time-consuming handwritten report any more – therefore no transcription errors
  • Exact date and time display
  • Alarm display per day: 30-day overview as a display / up to 60 days‘ overview in a report
  • Immediate and simple decision-making thanks to the easy-to-read OK / ALARM display (for 30 days)
  • Temperature measurement interval: each minute – Accumulated time periods each time an alarm limit is exceeded
  • Exact measurement of temperature and time – NIST/ILAC traceable with calibration certificate
  • Complies with FDA regulations 21 CRF Part 11
  • Long operating time (also available with the option of a replaceable battery)
  • Available with a removable external temperature sensor (optional)

Precision monitoring in fridges, cold rooms and displays:

  • in clinics, hospitals and health centres
  • in pharmacies and chemists
  • in medical and veterinary practices
  • in the doctor‘s or sales rep‘s bag
  • as long-term monitoring in clinical studies

Precision monitoring of foodstuffs and other perishable products in refrigerated displays, racks and storage rooms:

  • food shops and kiosks
  • delicatessens, cake shops, confectioners
  • shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants and hotels
  • displays of fresh fish, cheese and meat
  • canteens and large-scale catering facilities

Reading the history of Fridge-tag® 2

  • Option 1:
    Read out day-to-day directly on the device (30 day overview)
  • Option 2:
    Read out alarms only directly on the device with the ALARM-SUPER-JUMP function (30 day overview)
  • Option 3:
    Read out the data from the PDF/A* and ASCII document, generated via USB interface (60 day overview)


Fridge-tag 2 with internal sensor

The device is placed immediately next to the goods to be monitored and the temperature values are monitored and recorded by the Fridge-tag® 2 sensor

Fridge-tag 2 with external sensor (optional)

fridetag-sensor01 fridetag-sensor02
Standard Sensor Sensor with Glycol Vial

The Fridge-tag® 2 can be positioned outside the refrigerator or cold room. The external cable sensor is placed next to the goods to be monitored. The display shows the temperature measured by the external sensor. The PDF report shows additionally the temperature which the internal sensor of the Fridge-tag® 2 has measured on the time of the alarm. This means that you receive information on temperature conditions outside the refrigerator when the alarm is triggered. (External sensor can be equipped optionally with a bottle filled with bio-safe glycol).