Berlinger Fridge-tag 3 (with SMS alert)

The Fridge-tag® 3 measures the ambient temperature. If one of the two alarm limits/warnings is exceeded or fallen below, the Fridge-tag 3 sends automatically a notification by SMS to predefined person(s) in charge. Additionally the alarm will be triggered on the display and/or is audible as an audio signal. A quick decision and immediate action is thus possible.

The PDF/A report can be generated without additional software. The Fridge-tag® 3 is optionally available with an external temperature sensor (measures till -40 °C / -40 °F). The collected temperature data can be easily integrated into a web based server application.


The new, user-friendly Fridge-tag® 3 GSM will complement the existing Fridge-tag® family.

Simply insert a SIM card or program the preinstalled microchip with your mobile network provider and off you go. The Fridge-tag® 3 GSM automatically sends an alarm message warning of temperatures that have risen above or fallen below a set temperature; knowing this can help you to act pro-actively.

Easy installation and commissioning bring Fridge-tag® 3 GSM a broad and diverse field of application such as:

– Doctors office and hospitals
– Pharmacy and drug stores
– Restaurants and hotels
– Remote and hard to reach areas or sites

In addition to these innovations, the tried and true features from the Fridge-tag® 2 are naturally incorporated.

Read the brochure, or download the user manual.