iTag 4 SP


ITAG®4 series data loggers are developed to monitor and capture temperature or humidity excursions in pharmaceutical, biological and clinical trial supply chains. With TempSen’s advanced measurement technology, user could easily have a reliable monitoring results accurately reflecting the supply chain environmental conditions.


Easy-to-read LCD indication presents key information for immediate decision making, the compact and lightweight design also enables it fits into any limited spaces. Furthermore, automatically generated PDF report allows quick access to shipment data anywhere anytime, and enables efficient supply chain handling, embedded raw data could be extracted and studied through TempSen cloud based service.
As a complete software-free cold chain monitoring tool, ITAG4 requires no software for programming, online configuration portal realized the configuration of logger anytime anywhere, higher supply chain disposition efficiency but lower IT investment costs.
It’s an ideal electronic recorder that you need to precisely track the environmental conditions that may compromise quality.

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