Timestrip VST Fridge Combi

Timestrip VST Fridge Combi includes two indicators. One unique element indicates when a period of 72 hours has passed during chilled conditions (2-8°C), aligning with FDA and WHO regulations. The other element provides a temperature breach indication, giving a clear signal when conditions have exceeded the regulated upper chilled limit of 8°C/46°F during storage or transport.


The new Timestrip VST (Virus Specimen Transport) range, which complies with required monitoring guidelines by FDA & WHO, will help support scientists by monitoring specimens from collection right through to point of test, giving confidence in the integrity of the specimen, and thus the test results.


Four products make up the range. Together they form an essential tool to support hospitals, surgeries and medical laboratories in storing and transporting virus specimens correctly and preserving the integrity of the specimens, ensuring that test results are reliable.

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